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Captiv Creative | Collaborative and Innovative Video Production for Brands and Agencies.

Video Production in Houston for

Brands Agencies Creators

From compelling brand narratives to impactful commercials, captivating product showcases, cinematic films, and heartfelt nonprofit stories, our Houston-based video production team delivers excellence. Harness the power of visual storytelling with cutting-edge technology and creative expertise. Whether you’re aiming to engage customers, captivate audiences, or inspire change, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

We're more than a creative video agency.

At Captiv Creative, we elevate your brand’s visual storytelling. We are not just a video production company. We are a team of passionate storytellers. Whether we are creating a captivating brand story, showcasing a product or educating a wide audience, we live and breathe video production in Houston. Our mission is to bring your story to life and connect with your audience through the powerful medium of video.

We’re a full-service video production company,

from concept to delivery.

Brand Videos

Tell your brand's story through our expertly crafted brand videos.

Commercial Videos

We create powerful, award winning commercials that stand out.

Product Videos

Elevate your brand with stunning visual content that showcases your products.

Non-Profit Videos

Drive awareness and impact with our compelling non-profit videos.

Film & Documentary

Experience storytelling at its finest with our film production expertise.

“Disruptive, Precise, Creative.”

– Jarren Small, RWAR

Our clients have some pretty nice things to say, just saying.

Dish Society

Reading With A Rapper


“Disruptive, Precise, Creative

– Jarren Small, RWAR

Dish Society

Reading With A Rapper



Build Relationships

We’re in the business of making friends, not just clients. Whether you’re a Creative Director seeking that next awe-inspiring campaign, a Marketing Manager in pursuit of content that breaks the mold, or a Producer looking for like-minded creatives, we’re here to brew success together. Because great relationships lead to unforgettable content.


Ignite Inspiration

We’re in the business of turning “meh” into “more, please!” With every project, we aim to light up that bulb over your head, sparking creativity that knows no bounds. For the dreamers at Ad Agencies, the strategists in Brand Departments, and the innovators of Video Production, we’re our go-to for a creative jolt. Let’s make the mundane magnificent.


Craft Damn Good Content

We’re in the game of creating content that doesn’t just pass the eye test but steals the whole show. Imagine videos so engaging, your audience cancels their plans to watch. We’re not just talking nice shots; we’re talking about stories that resonate, emotions that linger, and messages that matter. Let’s create not just content, but conversations.


Let’s Create Some Damn Good Work.

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