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We are creative video production people.

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Our People

At our core, we are creators. We love to create beautiful things, hilarious things, and things that might just make you cry. We're a group of individuals, but collectively we're a team. A team that can do just about anything. Seriously, tell us we can't do something - you'll see.

“Captiv went above and beyond! They were all truly dedicated to the project. Very collaborative, fun, and professional.”

Deon GriffinRotary Club
Sam Rossiello, Founder and Creative Director of Captiv Creative
Founder | Creative Director

Sam Rossiello

Sam Rossiello is a Houston-native, entrepreneur, superstar-husband/father, dog-lover, and creative.

Over the past decade, through ups and downs, big successes and disheartening failures, Sam has learned (and continues to learn) what it takes to be a great leader and entrepreneur.

"I'm lightyears away from knowing everything, but I'll share what I do know. To be a great leader is to always seek out self improvement. To never feel as though you've learned all you need to learn. And most importantly, to be a great leader, you must care deeply about your people."

Justin Bowers, Founder | Director of Photography
Founder | Director of Photography

Justin Bowers

An entrepreneur since 17 years old, Justin sold and designed skateboards, shirts, and hats while traveling the country selling his gear.

Over time, he transitioned into photography and videography. He got his first camera in 2011 and began creating YouTube videos for fun. He and his cousin Sam Rossiello created a video which soon went viral. After that, he was hooked and became the go-to person among his friends and family to film weddings, their businesses, and so on.

Justin and two of his cousins founded the company which eventually evolved into Captiv Creative. Around 2018 Justin started looking into the field of motion controlled robotics and how this technology is used in videos. Soon, Captiv Creative began facilitating these services (headed by Justin) to the Houston Area.

When asked about how far things have come since selling skateboards, Justin said:
"We have an incredible new 18,000-square-foot studio, our seven-person team is top-tier, and we’re working with some of the biggest companies in the world. I’m extremely proud of my team and our capacity to do great things."

Khary Alexcee, Partner and President at Captiv Creative
Partner | President

Khary Alexcee

Born in Louisiana and raised in Texas, Khary Alexcee has always been driven by a passion for creativity and emerging technology. His journey into the world of innovation began during his time at the University of Houston Clear Lake, where he pursued a degree in Computer Information Systems. There, he discovered the thrill of collaborating within a team to develop cutting-edge technologies that could shape the future.

"My professional journey has been marked by significant milestones that have propelled me to where I am today. While I'm deeply invested in my professional pursuits, I find balance in spending quality time with my beautiful wife and daughters. Exploring the outdoors and indulging my passion for outdoor adventures rejuvenates me. My love for adventure extends to my trusty Jeep, which might occasionally lead me to spend more than I should."

Beyond personal interests, Khary Alexcee has a strong desire to make a lasting impact on his community. Through work and experiences, he aspires to inspire young minds to explore the realms of business and technology. By empowering the youth, he hopes to shape a brighter and more innovative future for the world.

"In every situation, I remain grounded in the values of openness, collaboration, and the firm belief that positive contributions can come from anyone. My journey continues to evolve, driven by the conviction that embracing change and creativity can lead to a world of limitless possibilities."

Asha Caraballo, Producer at Captiv Creative

Asha Caraballo

Ohio born and raised, at an early age, Asha was running around with her seven megapixel digital camera everywhere she went. From clay-mation, cringe-worthy music videos with her friends, to fully producing real stories through her love of creating - her passion became second nature early on. Fast forward a few years, Asha received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a co-major in Interactive Media Studies from Miami University of Ohio.

“I have always been intrigued by the complex nuances of people, and the how’s and why’s of what we do. It’s so important to understand people, so that we can better understand ourselves”

After a few long years of trying to find her fit in the industry, she found Captiv Creative. As a Video Producer, she has capitalized on her knowledge of the in’s and out’s of video production and has gained the most valuable experience that has shaped and molded her passion for creating in just a year and a half.

“Every day I feel so lucky to have found my passion in life and to work with a team who challenges, affirms and has allowed me to grow so early on in my career!”

Video Editor Stuart Deacon Jr. pointing with an expressive look
Video Editor

Stuart Deacon Jr.

Since a young age, Stuart has wanted to be a part of something bigger. And what could be bigger than making movies? Beginning in middle school, Stuart began making his own Indiana Jones fan films. During a summer break in high school he set out to make a Robin Hood fan film while working at a scout camp. Getting up at 4:30am every day to film before work began, writing and copying scripts by hand along with his friends, this project taught Stuart a lot about the importance of story and preproduction. He came to appreciate the importance of storyboarding (only because the few projects he storyboarded in high school placed in film festivals!) and that any story told should triumph over spectacle.

Having made plans to volunteer as a service missionary for two years immediately following high school, Stuart turned down a scholarship from the New York Film Academy and put his academic career on hold.

During his time at college Stuart worked for BYU-I's Online Curriculum Development A/V Department, managed and performed as part of a Beatles tribute band, and began a seasonal career as a professional Santa Claus.

Senior Producer Zac Henke
Senior Producer

Zac Henke

"It was like discovering a hidden treasure chest filled with endless possibilities. Video
production allowed me to blend my engineering mindset with my creative spirit, offering me the freedom to capture fleeting moments that would otherwise vanish into the annals of time.
In those early days, I was an avid camera-renter from the school library, hoping to capture the essence of life one frame at a time. My fellow students quickly caught on to the magic of filmmaking, leaving me camera-less on the eve of a crucial shoot. With unwavering determination, I emptied my bank account to purchase my very own camera, making a commitment to pursue this newfound passion by any means necessary."

"Fast forward nine years, and I'm here, humbled and exhilarated by the journey that has unfolded. Every project has been an opportunity to start with a blank canvas, a chance to turn dreams into reality. I've had the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects, from commercials, documentaries, short films, TV series, as well as the NFL. In my role as Director of Photography, Cinebot Operator, and Video Editor at Captiv Creative, my goal is to propel Houston into the forefront of the film industry."

"I've witnessed the power of maintaining a positive mindset while staying prepared for the challenges that life brings. The purpose of my journey is to show the world that no feat is unreachable."

Working with Captiv
is a piece of cake

Welcome to Captiv Creative, where turning dreams into stunning visual narratives is what we do best. We handle every project with the perfect blend of passion, expertise, and a pinch of daring. Sit back and enjoy the creative ride while we turn your vision into a captivating reality that exceeds every expectation.

A peek behind the lens.

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Dish Society

Reading With A Rapper


The team at Captiv has been amazing! They injected a ton of creative energy into our brand, and also produced an amazing finished product. I look forward to working with them again and would recommend anyone looking for such services to choose Captiv.

Michael HoneycuttMarketing Manager, Avita Laptops

Captiv Creative is a joy to work with! Each time they went above and beyond expectations. They have helped our business tremendously with training videos for new hires. They listen to your concerns and perform at a high level. The videos they produce are of the highest quality utilizing new features and technology as it becomes available in the market.

Erica LloydDish Society

The Captiv Creative team is a versatile, dependable, and creative great production partner. They are able to be very fluid with projects and can cover a vast amount of ground.
We appreciate that they can exercise their creative ideas with a producers point of view. Overall great experiences.

Yung SavolainenGrubHub

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