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From concept to final creation, amplify your brand's story with high-end commercials that resonate. We help brands and agencies create TV Spots, YouTube Ads and more for targeted campaigns that inspire action.

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Take your brand to the next level and reach a larger audience with TV commercials. Targeted commercials & ad campaigns increase brand awareness and inspire action.


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When done correctly, video advertising taps into our human want for titillating and easy-to-comprehend content. With quick, 60 seconds-or-less video advertisements, our video production team can build a clear message in a fun, effective and efficient way.

Relay information to an audience who wants to hear it. Commercial video production brings targeted, buzz-worthy content directly to your desired demographic all while ensuring no piece of content has been missed.

The Results

“Filmed a commercial with Captiv today for Academy and had a great time! Everyone was so friendly and the set was fun! Great food and music, everyone wanting to make the best product possible while having a good time together. Definitely recommend this team!”

– Amanda Pfeiffer

Why Choose Captiv Creative

Your Video Partner

Finding a video production company is like online dating, and we’re the perfect match. Custom video content for social, product promos, or large-scale commercials for TV – we got you covered.

The “Cool” Factor

We didn’t give ourselves the title, but we don’t disagree with it. We’re a video production crew of talented, creative, outgoing, friendly, and fun individuals that you’ll absolutely love working with.

Value is Critical

Brainstorming your video concept and delivering quality content is our thing. Our clients can count on us to shock and delight at every step; in fact, we make sure you stand out. Each project is delivered with an eye for detail, creativity, and of course — on time.

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