Crispin – Amazon Pets

Crafting the Perfect Pitch for Pet Lovers

Tasked by Crispin to spotlight Amazon Pet Day 2024, our goal was clear: create a heartwarming, 30-second commercial that highlighted Amazon’s array of pet products. Over an intense two-day shoot, we ventured to capture the essence of pet ownership, ensuring the Amazon brand shone through every frame.

Overcoming the Animal Antics Challenge

Working with animals brought unpredictability, but with skilled handlers and a bit of patience, we turned potential chaos into charming, engaging content. The blend of Amazon’s message with the authenticity of pet interactions presented a creative challenge we navigated with finesse, keeping the project on track and true to Amazon’s vision.

Results That Purr

The final commercial was a hit, resonating with pet owners and driving engagement for Amazon Pet Day. The positive feedback from Crispin and Amazon affirmed our success, with the campaign not only meeting its marketing goals but also reinforcing Amazon’s place in the hearts of the pet community. On budget and beyond expectations, this project showcased our ability to deliver impactful advertising under the cuddliest of pressures.

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