HomeTool is a startup on a mission to revolutionize the home repair industry, and they knew they needed an innovative approach to their marketing. That’s where we came in. We were tasked with creating a series of marketing content for multiple levels of the sales funnel.

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When the HomeTool brought us a script, they gave us license to enhance their ideas with our own perspective. HomeTool knew that they had an innovative and bold new service that would be of real value to homeowners, and they wanted a video that would showcase just how different HomeTool’s offering was from the status quo. They wanted their brand brought to life, essentially.

Here at Captiv Creative, we love working with innovative brands that are open to our creative ideas. That was our experience of working with HomeTool. While HomeTool created the script idea, the Captiv Creative team was happy to use our creative talents to make some additions, which were approved through collaboration. In fact, we worked closely with HomeTool through all of the pre-production processes, including the storyboard, casting, and booking of the locations.

In this project, we played a starring role in every stage of the video production process, from initial concepts through to the final delivery. In the end, HomeTool got the video they were looking for, one that showcased their product, how to use it, and the benefits of doing so.

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