AlphaCord – Meet Emily

Creative Conception to Final Cut

AlphaCord’s vision for “Meet Emily” was to demystify cord blood banking through a mix of animated, lifestyle, and blended ad concepts. This initiative aimed to engage viewers with understandable, relatable content, navigating the complexities of their services with ease and elegance. Faced with the dual challenges of a tight timeline and budget, our mission was to create content that educated, informed, and resonated.

Innovative Solutions to Production Challenges

Budget and time constraints led to a pivotal decision: bringing animation production in-house. This strategic shift not only streamlined the creative process but also allowed for rapid iteration and feedback, ensuring the final ads aligned closely with AlphaCord’s educational goals. Despite these hurdles, our team’s agility and creativity turned potential limitations into strengths.

Triumphant Outcomes and Client Acclaim

The “Meet Emily” campaign emerged as a beacon of success, overcoming obstacles to exceed AlphaCord’s expectations. The final ads, a testament to our collaborative spirit and innovative approach, have been warmly received by both the client and their audience. Positioned to enhance AlphaCord’s market presence, these ads promise to elevate their brand as a leader in cord blood banking, offering long-term value and strengthening their commitment to providing life-changing services.

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