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Nexcess, a web hosting company, approached us with a unique challenge: to create an ad that comically showed all the time you get back to do “whatever” when using Nexcess managed hosting. The catch? We had to make it hilarious and compelling enough to convince people to switch to Nexcess. No pressure, right?

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The Details

We got right to work and developed a concept that was sure to leave our viewers in stitches.

Meet Doug, our protagonist, a guy who suddenly has all this free time on his hands after switching to Nexcess. And what does Doug decide to do with all this newfound freedom? Learn how to be a magician, of course! Cue the comedic vignettes of him attempting and getting better at different magic tricks. With a crew of 8 and a little bit of magic (literally), we were able to shoot everything in one day at one house.

We ran into some unique challenges while producing the video. After all, we had to pull off some magical stunts, such as a levitating card trick and a 7-foot-tall Jenga tower. But, with some clever practical effects, we were able to make it all work. The shoot day went according to schedule, and the deliverables turned out exactly the way the client envisioned.

Nexcess was thrilled with the final product, and rightfully so. The video ads were a hit, leading many potential customers to their website. It was a successful project that not only met the client’s expectations but also left us feeling like magicians ourselves. Presto!

Nexcess | Project: Free to do “Whatever”

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