Nikovian Equestrian Apparel

Nikovian, a rising player in the equestrian world, needed a way to launch their new apparel line while standing out from the competition. They wanted to showcase the advanced technology and top-notch quality behind each piece, but they needed a way to do it that was engaging and exciting.

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The Details

We knew we had to create something truly special to help Nikovian make their mark. Our team developed a full video campaign that highlighted the versatility and elegance of the apparel line. From the stable to the field, we captured the beauty and grace of horseback riding while also showing off the apparel’s unique features. We had to use some serious technology to make it happen – including steadicams, car rigs, and even The Bolt – but the end result was nothing short of breathtaking.

Madison, the client, was absolutely thrilled with the final product. Our team had executed flawlessly, despite the challenge of working with live animals (who, it turns out, don’t always cooperate with camera crews). Thanks to our efforts, Nikovian’s response online has been amazing, and the company has established a valuable relationship with our team. Who knew that filming horses in fancy clothes could be so rewarding?

Nikovian | Project “Brand Launch” Campaign

Nikovian | Project: “Defiant” Campaign Ad

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