Reading with a Rapper

Meet Reading with a Rapper (RWAR), a non-profit organization with a mission to spread awareness and educate communities on literacy and juvenile rates while promoting a well-rounded educational system catered to enhancing reading and writing skills. They’re based in Houston, but their impact is spreading nationally.

Like what you see?
RWAR needed a video production team to create four ‘episodes’ of narrative performed by their “rapper”, with a heavy focus on working with the Bolt. Our team was up for the challenge, but we didn’t expect to spend so much time getting the talent ready to deliver his lines in a way that would be suitable for a music video. It turns out that rapping is harder than it looks!


Despite the unique challenge we faced, we’re happy to say that the project was a success. We communicated RWAR’s message of literacy and education in a way that was both clear and creative. The client loved the final product and is slowly starting to release the episodes as part of their campaign launch. We were able to complete the project within the client’s budget and meet their expectations. Plus, we’re excited about the long-term benefits of working with RWAR, creating content for a good cause, and making a lasting impact on communities.

Project: Low Literacy Awareness Campaign

RWAR – Turn Texas Yellow – Intro/Teaser

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