TOBE Nwigwe

TOBE, a musical artist known for his creativity and unique visuals, approached our video production company with the main objective of visually illustrating his latest music project, “Destruction.” As a major up-and-coming artist, TOBE needed a video that would match the energy and tone of his music, while setting him apart from other artists in the industry.

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The Project
Our team provided music video production services, utilizing a high-speed cinema robot to capture extremely dynamic shots. The scope of the project was 14 hours long, and we faced unique challenges such as extremely hot weather and transporting a one-ton robotic arm up and down a hill in a local park. However, our expertise and knowledge allowed us to execute the shots flawlessly, bringing the music to life visually.

Challenges and Successes
Despite the challenges faced, the key success of the project was achieved, as we were able to create shots that matched the energy and tone of the music. The final product met the client’s expectations, and we were able to build lucrative relationships with some of the greatest creative minds in Houston. Our skills and capabilities were recognized on a higher level, allowing us to add this complex and major production to our portfolio. Ultimately, the project achieved its intended outcomes, with TOBE receiving a visually stunning music video that set him apart from his peers in the industry.

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