Typhoon Texas – Junior

Typhoon Texas, a water park, had a new section of their park called Typhoon Texas Junior that they wanted to promote. The challenge was to create an ad that would capture the excitement of kids and parents alike. The concept was simple – show kids who were too small to ride the big slides working together to build a mini water park just for them. 

Work With Us
Children in work zone costumes and hard hats carrying a 'Must Be This Tall to Slide' sign during a shoot for Typhoon Texas.

The Details

We came up with a concept that showed a bunch of little kids being disappointed when they saw the “you must be this tall to slide” sign. They put on their construction hats and reflective vests and got to work building Typhoon Texas Junior. We went through the entire process from concept development to scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, filming, and post-production. The challenge of working with small children was addressed by following guidelines for filming with children on set and keeping them cool and hydrated on the hot shoot day. Despite the tight deadline of four weeks, we delivered a fun and energetic ad that exceeded the client’s expectations.

The ad was a hit! Typhoon Texas Junior was now on the map and kids were begging their parents to take them to the water park to check it out. The client loved the end product and it was well within their budget. The long-term benefits for the client were clear – a successful ad that showcased their new attraction and drew in more customers. The challenge of capturing the excitement of the new section of the park was addressed and exceeded, leaving everyone happy and excited for the next project.

Typhoon Texas | Project: Typhoon Texas Junior

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