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Step into our space, where advanced technology meets innovative filmmaking. Our studio is designed to empower creators, enabling you to bring elaborate visions to life with precision and flair.

Captiv Studios

A Space Crafted for Creators By Creators

Our studio stands at the convergence of creativity and technological innovation. It's not just a place to shoot; it's where your visions gain depth and dimension. Here, we offer an environment that adapts to your creative needs, from expansive filming areas to high-tech post-production facilities.


Years of production experience


Featured Video Projects


Virtual Production

Step into the future of filmmaking with our Virtual Production services. Harness cutting-edge technologies that blend real-world and digital environments, offering filmmakers unprecedented creative control and real-time visual effects. Transform your storytelling with our immersive virtual landscapes that bring your boldest visions to life.

BOLT Rental

Accelerate your production with BOLT, the high-speed cinebot renowned for its precision and versatility. Ideal for dynamic and complex camera movements, our BOLT rental services provide the ultimate tool for achieving breathtaking cinematic effects. Elevate your shoots with the robot that brings speed, accuracy, and creativity to your set.

Event Rentals

Create unforgettable events in our versatile studio spaces. Whether hosting a corporate function, a private party, or a creative workshop, our studio adapts to your needs. Featuring state-of-the-art facilities and a flexible layout, we provide the perfect backdrop for events that leave a lasting impression on all attendees.

Captiv Studios
Captiv Creative team filming a car scene with professional camera and lighting equipment on location.

Elevate Your Projects in Our Dynamic Studio Space

Unlock the potential of your projects in our versatile studio space. Whether filming a feature, a commercial, or a special content piece, our studio facilities are tailored to enhance the creativity and impact of your work, ensuring every detail is captured with utmost perfection.

Presenting your brand with content as opposed to advertisements allows you to make your brand known. Viewers are also more likely to remember or follow up with the brand presented in the video as opposed to display ads. Our brand video production team can bring you the results that you need to propel your brand forward and bring returns on your investment.

The Results

“If you’re looking for top quality service, pictures, videography, editing and much more, Captiv is the company to use. We have been working with them for the past 4 years now and our social media presence doubles-triples every year because of their quality and passion for the material they produce. 5 stars isn’t enough for this team!”

– Out Cast Charters

Why Choose Captiv Creative

Your Video Partner.

Finding a video production company is like online dating, and we’re the perfect match. Custom video content for social, product promos, or large-scale commercials for TV – we got you covered.

The “Cool” Factor.

We didn’t give ourselves the title, but we don’t disagree with it. We’re a video production crew of talented, creative, outgoing, friendly, and fun individuals that you’ll absolutely love working with.

Value Is Crucial.

Brainstorming your video concept and delivering quality content is our thing. Our clients can count on us to shock and delight at every step; in fact, we make sure you stand out. Each project is delivered with an eye for detail, creativity, and of course — on time.

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