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Virtual Production


Introducing a new perspective

The latest video production technology is right in your backyard.

Unlimited Creativity

Unleash boundless creative potential with our cutting-edge virtual production capabilities. From fantastical landscapes to futuristic cities, our technology removes traditional constraints, allowing your imagination to soar without limits.

Film Anywhere, Right Here

Bring any location to life right in our studio. Our virtual production technology enables you to film scenes in diverse settings—from remote deserts to bustling cityscapes—all from the convenience and control of our soundstage.

Reduce Costs

Significantly lower your production costs by minimizing on-location shoots, reducing travel expenses, and streamlining post-production. Our virtual production tools provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of your final product.

Unreal Creative

Captiv Creative leverages the Unreal Engine and advanced hardware to transform virtual production. The Unreal Engine allows for real-time rendering of vivid, immersive environments, enabling scenes from serene landscapes to incredible realms. This is paired with high-resolution LED walls and precise camera tracking systems that adjust the virtual backdrop in real-time to camera movements, ensuring seamless integration of virtual and real elements.

This blend of cutting-edge technology not only enhances the visual quality and expands creative possibilities but also simplifies the production process. Our setup allows filming in any imagined setting, overcoming traditional production constraints efficiently and cost-effectively.

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XR Stage

Our sister company, Captiv Studios, boasts Houston’s largest virtual production studio. 8,000 squarefeet of virtually limitless capabilities.

Captiv Creative team members preparing the studio floor for a shoot, silhouetted against a large vertical light source.
Captiv Creative team setting up for a car scene shoot with extensive lighting and camera equipment in a studio.

I have worked with the Captiv Creative team on 3 video shoots now for various clients and have had such a positive experience with them each time. Their team goes above and beyond to make sure that our agency team and our clients are supported throughout the planning and production process. They’re a wonderful group of people — kind, respectful, collaborative, and fun to work with! Captiv is absolutely my go-to production team.

Sydney BaileyStrategy Director, MMI Agency

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