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In this episode of Creatives Grab Coffee, produced by Lapse Productions, Sam Rossiello takes us behind the scenes of the glitzy world of video production, revealing the secret sauce to cooking up lasting client relationships and a sizzling on-set atmosphere. With a dash of outbound sales savvy—think email campaigns and chatty phone calls—Sam dishes on how to reel in new leads and keep them hooked. It’s all about the art of the follow-up, folks, and in their world, the journey from “hello” to “let’s roll” clocks in at a speedy under two weeks.

Dive deep with Dario and Sam as they unpack the magic behind shrinking project timelines and beefing up that sales funnel, all while keeping their eyes on the prize: getting paid without playing the waiting game. From the vibrant streets of Houston, they spill the tea on dominating the local video market, where oil, gas, and healthcare reign supreme.

But wait, there’s more! Sam opens up about Captiv Studios’ grand mission to not just fill Houston’s studio space void but to ignite a creative revolution. Leadership, learning from those facepalm moments, and the anatomy of their dream team also get their moments in the spotlight. As the curtain falls, Sam’s parting gift is a hearty dose of gratitude, a peek at their team dynamics, and an invitation to keep the conversation going online. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the ins and outs of making video magic happen on this episode with plenty of laughs, learnings, and leadership lessons along the way.