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Corporate videos can be used to achieve a wide range of goals for your company. This kind of content can showcase company culture, promote products and services, and subtly build brand awareness and value for your firm.

Below, we’ll explain what exactly corporate videos are and why they differ from standard brand videos. In addition to this, we will list some of the benefits of using corporate videos as part of your online marketing strategy and showcase three video examples of corporate videos done right.

What is the value of a corporate video?

Corporate videos help build brand awareness without directly advertising to your audience. This kind of video content can be used to showcase company culture, promote products or services, or highlight the lifestyle of a particular brand or company. These kinds of videos can be used both internally for employees and stakeholders, or externally as part of a brand’s online marketing strategy.

Corporate videos differ from brand videos as they tend to go more in-depth into the business or brand. These videos range from testimonials to company culture videos and are aimed at educating employees, stakeholders, or the general public about the brand. While promotional and brand videos may aim to directly build brand value, corporate videos aim to build brand awareness that can then indirectly create value for the company.

Video Styles to Try for Your Corporate Brand

  • Video testimonials: Video testimonials are a great way to leverage positive customer feedback to help build brand awareness for your company. Using video enables your content to be shared easily online.
  • Company culture videos: These videos are designed to showcase company culture to employees, stakeholders, or the public. This can help align your brand in the market and capture the attention of your desired target market.
  • Educational and training videos: Educational videos can be made to help onboard new staff or train existing staff as needed. These can be video conferences or even video content dedicated to spreading awareness for social and environmental causes that are important to the brand.

Corporate Video Examples

When done right, corporate videos can help showcase your brand in a professional and authentic way. To give you an idea of effective corporate video styles, here are three examples of corporate videos done right:

1. Houston Airport Systems – SkyTraxx Award

The Houston Airport System video highlights the prestigious honor of receiving a 4-Star Skytraxx Award for both airports located in Houston, Texas. By actively demonstrating what happens behind-the-scenes, the Houston Airport System was able to fully showcase how this global standard of excellence is achieved with each and every team member on board.

2. HomeTool.com vs Home Warranty

The video from HomeTool is another great example of a corporate video done right. This piece of video content quickly details the key difference of using the HomeTool services, versus your current home warranty plan. By building a storyline that clearly explains the benefits and differences, this HomeTool.com video showcases the brand in a practical way, similar to a testimonial.

3. Battleship Texas Foundation

This Battleship Texas Foundation video is an intelligent way to showcase the reason why behind the restoration project, while enticing sponsorship levels for donors. By clearly showcasing restoration projects and their historical relevance, the Battleship Texas Foundation video captivates your attention and places the brand front and center.

Work with Captiv on Your Next Project

Corporate videos can help showcase your business in an authentic and professional way. If you want a better idea of the quality of content we can create for your company, feel free to visit our website or view our demo reel. If you have any questions and require some guidance on your online marketing strategy, contact us today. One of our friendly and experienced staff members will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the information you need to guide you in the right direction.