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Video has become one of the most important marketing avenues over the past couple of years. Statista estimates that the market will reach $78.5 billion by the end of 2023, a staggering increase from the $55.34 billion valuation at the end of 2021.

As such, it’s important to understand and take advantage of all the latest video marketing trends to help you reach your audience and capture their attention. To do that, you’ll have to take advantage of the latest and emerging marketing trends.

What is video marketing important in 2023?

Video marketing is simply too popular to ignore for any business. According to a Statista video marketing survey, around 86% of marketers are using video marketing on Facebook, with around 90% using YouTube and 35% using TikTok.

The reason marketers are using these platforms so much is because they can potentially reach an audience of billions. For instance, there are an estimated 2.6 billion people using YouTube at least once a month. By targeting YouTube with your video marketing, you could tap into that massive audience and convert them into your customers.

Consumers also get excited about video content. Animoto revealed that it’s currently ranked as the number one type of media that they like to see from a brand. They also noted that 73% of consumers have their purchasing decisions influenced by social media accounts, and it’s even more effective when short-form videos are used, with Instagram being the fastest-growing platform for it.

In short; consumers love video content and they are heavily influenced by it. Video-compatible social media platforms are also used by billions of consumers. This is why video marketing is such an important advertising avenue to take advantage of.

Emerging video marketing trends in 2023

So how do you take advantage of this growing excitement for video marketing content? Let’s cover some of the emerging video marketing trends in 2023.

Short-form videos

Short-form videos that are under a minute are starting to become the norm for many advertising strategies. TikTok and Instagram are growing at an alarming rate thanks to their exclusive focus on short-form videos, allowing users to engage with content without committing too much time. Time is one of the most important factors to consider when using video marketing.

This is because 68% of viewers watch entire videos if they’re under a minute. Consumers live busy lives, so it’s understandable that they don’t want to sit and watch a long-form video when they’re commuting or just taking a quick break from work.

Breaking up existing content

Brands and influencers are starting to break up their existing content in order to fit short-form videos. This is most apparent on YouTube, where the Shorts feature is starting to pick up traction as an alternative to TikTok and Instagram.

Many of the creators on YouTube cut up their existing videos, edit them to fit the portrait aspect ratio, and then upload them as new content. This content can then be linked directly to the full video, or used for marketing purposes. This allows brands to repurpose their existing video content.

Optimizing video content for search

Search engine optimization is an incredibly important strategy to use when growing your brand, but did you know that videos can also play a role in increasing your search rankings?

The title and description must be optimized for search so that your video has a chance to appear on a Google search result page. The number of likes, views, shares, and comments are also important for increasing visibility on a search page. More recently, video transcriptions (both automatic and manual) are also starting to play a role in getting your videos to the front of a Google search.

Linking product listings to videos

If you plan to use short-form videos to advertise products, then you’ll want to take advantage of “shoppable” videos. These are videos that link directly to eCommerce platforms, allowing customers to simply click on a link in the video or social media page to be taken directly to your store page.

This makes it extremely convenient for consumers to buy your products. It’s already being used by around 40% of all marketers today, and it can be implemented into all types of video content. However, it’s important to show that there are shoppable links within your video to increase engagement.

That’s a Wrap

Video marketing trends come and go, but there are some that will stand the test of time because they simply provide a better experience for consumers. Whether you’re a content creator or an international business, utilizing these video marketing trends will greatly boost engagement and profitability.