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Houston is on the brink of a significant transformation in its film industry. With new sound stages and an educational facility for filmmakers, the city is positioning itself as a prime destination for media production. This development is set to bring numerous benefits, including job creation and substantial economic growth. Let’s dive into how this initiative will reshape Houston’s film landscape.

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New Sound Stages and Educational Facility

Developer Al Kashani of Horizon International is spearheading a project to convert a large warehouse into two soundstages and an educational facility. This transformation aims to support local filmmakers and create a nurturing environment for budding talent. By providing state-of-the-art facilities, Houston can attract more film productions, fostering a vibrant local industry.

Economic Impact and Job Creation

Kashani’s project is not just about enhancing the film industry; it’s also a significant job creator. By repurposing a massive 125,000-square-foot warehouse, the initiative will blend retail, industrial, and educational elements. This multifaceted approach ensures that the local economy benefits from increased job opportunities and financial investment. As Kashani stated, the film industry is a top national industry, right alongside construction and oil and gas, emphasizing its potential to generate significant economic returns.

Boosting Local Talent and Keeping Dollars in Texas

One of the primary goals of this development is to keep Texas dollars in Texas. By providing local filmmakers with the resources and facilities they need, the project aims to retain talent that might otherwise migrate to other states like Georgia. The educational component of the facility will play a crucial role in fostering homegrown talent, ensuring that the next generation of filmmakers has the skills and support needed to thrive in the industry.

Increased Incentives for Film Productions

The Texas Legislature has recently increased incentives for film and TV productions from $45 million to $200 million. This substantial boost in funding makes Texas an attractive destination for media production. The expected return on investment is more than five to one, potentially resulting in a billion-dollar boost for the state’s media sector. These incentives are a clear signal that Texas is ready to play a leading role in the national film industry.

Houston’s Bright Future in Film

Houston is already seeing the benefits of these initiatives. With Netflix series like “Mo” filming their second season in the city, it’s clear that Houston is becoming a preferred location for major productions. The combination of new facilities, increased incentives, and a focus on education positions Houston as a formidable player in the film industry.


Houston’s film industry is poised for a significant upgrade with the introduction of new soundstages and an educational facility for filmmakers. This development, supported by substantial state incentives, promises to create jobs, retain local talent, and boost the local economy. As Houston steps into the spotlight, it is well on its way to becoming a major hub for film and TV production.

Our team at Captiv Creative is thrilled to witness and be part of this exciting evolution in Houston’s film industry. We are dedicated to supporting local talent and productions with our innovative creative solutions, helping to bring Houston’s stories to life on the big screen.