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The trend of video production is on the rise. Videos have become more important as a marketing tool. A 2020 statistic showed that 92 percent of marketers use videos to promote their brand, attract new clients, generate more return on investments and create memorable experiences for their customers.

With so many video production companies, finding the right one to meet your needs may be challenging.

You can shoot your video or hire a fully-staffed production company to create a quality product. Hiring a production company has several advantages because these companies have the required expertise, skills, experience, time, and resources. Video companies have the skills to produce an informative, attractive video that meets your objectives.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Production Company

What should you consider in looking for in a video production company? There are several factors to check if they meet your expectations.

Portfolio Work & Demo Reel

Look at the company’s portfolio. Does their style match the one you are looking for? Check their demo reel to see the company’s best work. However, the demo reel should not be your deciding factor in hiring a video production company. You are looking at a collection of snippets from different videos.

Testimonials from Clients

Take time to read individual testimonials about the company. Reviews from previous clients are more credible. Focus on comments about the products they delivered, the customer service, how easy they are to work with if the product met the clients’ expectations, timeliness of the product delivery, if the video product boosted the marketing efforts of the clients, and would they recommend the company to others, etc.

The Right Staff on the Film Set

The right staff on a film set is crucial because they can make or break the final product. “Right staff” means people with the required skills and experience to work on the project. Everyone on the set should work toward the same goal and clearly understand their specific roles to avoid confusion.

Think About Your Niche Industry

Understanding your niche industry is essential in finding the right video team. For example, if you want to showcase the latest product for a restaurant, look for a company that has launched a similar video for past clients. They will have relevant experience and insight on how to shoot the video based on their previous projects.

Clear Workflow Process

There is more to video production than meets the eye. The magic, as well as the devil, is in the details. Reliable video companies generally have a systematic production process workflow – from the concept and design of the shoot to production, post-production, and delivery. Each stage is crucial to the outcome of the project. Get a clear view of the team’s creative process and how the team works to meet your objectives.

What to Submit When You’re Ready to Hire Your Production Team

When you are ready to hire production company, submit all necessary information to the company to help them understand what you want. Focus on the essential aspects of the project, especially the following:

Scope & Budget

Disclose the total scope of work and your budget to save time on both sides. The video production company will then know if they can work with your budget or decide they are not a good fit for your project. Some video companies also post their rates so you can know if they will fit your budget.

Your Idea / Concept

Submit a creative brief that tells the production company what you want, including the following:

  • Brand/company statement and mission.
  • The scope of work involved in the video project. 
  • Your purpose or objective in creating the video.  
  • The specific message you want to send out in the video.
  • Your target audience.
  • Video usage. Is the video for your website or social pages, etc.? 
  • Launch date. When do you need the video product? Be realistic with timelines. Great video products require adequate time to process.


Where do you want to shoot your product video? Video production companies need to know if you require on-site shoots or a B-roll of your business at your place. Look for a local company closer to your location to avoid paying for travel costs for off-state companies. Video production companies usually have a studio with a lighting and noise-canceling setup ideal for product shots and interviews.

Visual Inspirations

Get visual inspiration from different videos to give the company you are hiring an idea of what you are looking for. For instance, if you want to shoot a corporate video, look for a reference video that you can use to gather ideas.

Ready to Work with a Talented Production Team? 

In the end, even if you have a great concept, a well-written script, and a beautifully-crafted storyboard, it boils down to nothing if you fail to hire a suitable video production company.

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