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High-quality videos are easy to distinguish from amateur productions, resulting in greater brand awareness and more conversions. But video production can be a lengthy process with many different components that have to be carefully managed in order to produce excellent results. 

From the hardware used to the goal of the production, it’s important to look at the video production process as a whole in order to understand how each step contributes to creating a high-quality video production.

Our creative process guides all our projects from start to finish, and ensures that every one is delivered with detail, creativity, and of course on time. Before we share our process with you, we want to let you know that we have the skills and tools needed to bring your video vision to life. And by vision, we mean TV commercials, social media videos, brand videos, 3D animation, short films, music videos. You get the point.

Phase One: Pre-Production & Project Overview

The pre-production stage is where most of the initial planning takes place. This is essential to help you manage expectations, understand your audience, and set a budget.

Decide what your video will be used for

Every production has a goal. Some videos are meant to showcase a product and how it’s used, while others are made to raise brand awareness and trust. The important thing here is to consider what viewers should take away after watching your video. Are you trying to convert them to paying customers, or are you just trying to grow awareness and build excitement for a new product launch?

An effective pre-production phase typically includes a video storyboard draft to get a better understanding of what the video should showcase. It also needs to have a script if you plan to have actors, and those actors need to be hired from reputable talent groups and studios. You also have to identify the type of audience that you want to appeal to. Most importantly, you have to think about what you want your audience to take away from the video.

Turn ideas into reality with a creative video production team

We understand that many businesses don’t have much experience when it comes to creative video productions. However, they do have experience in marketing concepts such as identifying their target audience and creating content that appeals to them. Captiv takes your ideas, concepts, and brand messages, and turns them into full video productions that are tailored to your business.

Our team also has great connections within the video production space. This gives us access to some of the best video production studios, production staff, and creatives that the industry has to offer. This greatly improves the quality of our productions and also gives our clients peace of mind knowing that they’ll be working with professionals every step of the way.

Phase Two: Concept to Production

The production stage is when filming starts and your plans are put into action.

Typically, the production stage will require several specialists that you might not have in your team already. This can include the director that leads the filming of the video and the producer that oversees processes such as editing the script and casting talent. Depending on how big the production is, you may also need to hire multiple camera operatives, lighting technicians, and even makeup artists.

Each person in the video production process has an important role that helps the video come together. Note that even though you’ll be following your pre-production plan, things can change at any stage. Not all of the footage you record will be used, and you may need to revisit the production stage if some footage isn’t up to your standards.

Simplify production with a video production team

Having access to a video production team at this stage gives you access to all of the equipment and professionals that you need to turn your ideas into a reality. Film directing is no easy task and producers are experts at managing large teams to ensure maximum filming efficiency.

In our production phase, we mask up, gear up, and check our call sheets one last time before heading out to the shoot. Production days are the most exciting part of our process. This is where we like to invite our clients to watch the magic happen, unless of course you’re the star of your own video. During production days, we’re hyper-focused, working hard to ensure we execute your video perfectly.

Part Three: Post-Production

The last phase is usually the post-production stage. This is where filming has finished and the editing process can begin. This usually involves scanning through footage and all of the different takes, stitching together the best cuts, and then adding extra things like music, sound, visual effects, and a voiceover.

Depending on the type of video that you’re making, you may find that this process can take even longer than the production stage if you need to go through multiple iterations. It can also take longer to align the workloads of multiple designers, sound editors, and even voiceover artists. There will also be a lot of quality control processes during this stage to ensure that the production is up to the standards of the team.

Professional post-production with Captiv

Having a creative video production company work with you at this stage can give you convenient access to a range of specialists that can help make this step easier. This includes access to professional video editors that will follow your pre-production plan to create a video that is faithful to your concept. It also includes sound design artists and musicians to create a unique atmosphere within your video. In some cases, you may even want to hire a talented visual effects artist to create an exciting and memorable video.

The entire post-production stage requires effective communication in order to align every professional’s individual skills and contributions to the final product. As such, working with a competent production manager and experienced creatives can greatly simplify this process and ensure that your video meets your standards.

Work With Captiv To Simplify Your Video Production Needs

There are several different stages to the video production process and it involves many talented professionals. Working with a video production team such as Captiv provides you with quick and easy access to all of the different creatives that you need to realize your video production concepts.

Even if you only have a goal in mind with little to no video production experience, our dedicated and experienced team can help you create outstanding high-quality video productions with little more than an initial idea.

Take a look at our demo reel to see what we’re capable of, or let us know about your project ideas to see how we can transform them into full video productions.