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Hey guys, this is Justin Bowers with Captiv Creative. I’m going to take you on the behind the scenes of LaTroy Gable’s new music video.

My name is LaTroy Gable. I’m 26 years old. Right now, I’m on the football field at Lamar University. Can’t Say I’ll Stop originated with my struggles in my past life. And I felt like the can’t say I’ll stop attitude was something that pushed me forward.

The Music Video Concept

So, the concept of this video is a 3D animation to live action. And then once we go from our 3D animation, that’s when the whole party really starts within the stadium. We do a lot of commercial work. So this was a new twist for us, creating a music video.

After all my struggles, I just found myself singing. I have to express myself in more than dance and more than talk. I have to sing my feelings, and that’s kind of how it happened. You know, my whole entire thing…

It all came together and now I’m doing it. I’m doing what you see on TV. We’re allowing free opportunities to a whole bunch of kids, to others, to come out here and show their talents. To give the can’t say I’ll stop attitude to the world, to bring the community together.

Casting & Directing the Talent

It was really interesting on directing the amount of people that we had. We had 30 or 40 dancers out there. So, communicating with the choreographer and our talent, as well as our crew, it was a unique experience.

One of our biggest hurdles for the university was to make them feel comfortable about COVID. We got ourselves set up with a pretty strict guideline for all of our talent and dancers while we were out there.
It’s really important hat everybody is wearing a mask.

We had to deal with stops with education. We had to deal with staying home. And doing this film during the COVID 19 time period, it’s really going to set the tone for the futures. Everybody here, I’m super proud to say that I built a new family.

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