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I’m Justin. I’m Aaron. And today we’re going to take you behind the scenes for the EMOTION e-bike by Alco Electronics.

The Product Video Concept

The concept for this commercial was to showcase the bike, moving through different environments. A city, a suburb, and a beach scene. The locations that we picked to film was in downtown Houston for our city life. We did a suburbs area. And then we also did Galveston, on the sea wall, for our beach theme.

Biggest obstacle we overcame was taking our Ronin and our crew, and putting it into a vehicle and doing a product shoot while that product is moving. So we had to have everybody harnessed in. Three people on the back of the vehicle. We had to practice executing this video shoot and we were moving at anywhere from 15 to 20 miles an hour.

It seems kind of easy to do, but in the grand schemes, when you’re trying to take all these tools and communication safety all into perspective, there’s a lot of choreographing, and organizing, and safety talks, and procedures that we’ve put in place to make all that stuff happen.

Capturing Movement In-Action

We used the Red Gemini to capture all the video. We used a series of Rokinon lenses from the 24 to the 85. The Ronin 2 with the easy rig. And then we would hang that out over the back of the vehicle to get those nice smooth shots. Focus has to be pulled manually. When it works, it looks so beautiful. It’s tricky to make that work with wireless follow focus, wireless monitors in the back of a moving truck. You’ve got the sun hitting you.

And every single time we circled the corner, there was a new lighting exposure that we had to change. We were constantly adjusting as we’re turning the corners, so we don’t get too harsh lights and stuff like that. It’s always more fun when you’re doing something really different. And you’re incorporating the trucks, the roller blades, the long boards. New techniques and all the cool gear. If we didn’t have that, it would just look like a simple bike shoot.

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